4 Years Ago Today Steve Jobs Died

The latest biopic of Steve Jobs will open the weekend. I plan on seeing it. You should too!

The latest biopic of Steve Jobs will open the weekend. I plan on seeing it. You should too!

Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

4 years ago today Steve Jobs died. Later this week, the latest film about the iconic Apple Co-Founder will open across the country. Let the battle begin.

The first volley was fired by Chrisann Brennan in an article published in the UK Daily Mirror. To say she unloads on Jobs is a massive understatement. She is the embodiment of “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” She’s also an over the top example of when they say it’s not about the money… It’s about the money.

It didn’t take long for the Jobs allies to come forward in defense of their fallen leader. Steve’s widow, Lauren Powell Jobs, calls the film everything other than fair. Tim Cook, Jonathan Ive, Eddie Cue and just about everyone else lined up to airbrush the dark side of the Jobs persona in a style that would do the Soviet revisionists proud.

I’ll see the film this weekend. I’m one Apple Fanboy who does not evaluate Steve Jobs through rose colored glasses. It is his strengths and weaknesses that in the end created the total package that was Steve Jobs. Remove one negative trait or a dozen of them and destroy the essence of the man himself. You can’t enjoy the light without the darkness.

Here’s Tim Cook’s note to the Apple associated around the world on the fourth anniversary of Steve’s passing.


Today marks four years since Steve passed away. On that day, the world lost a visionary. We at Apple lost a leader, a mentor, and many of us lost a dear friend.

Steve was a brilliant person, and his priorities were very simple. He loved his family above all, he loved Apple, and he loved the people with whom he worked so closely and achieved so much.

Each year since his passing, I have reminded everyone in the Apple community that we share the privilege and responsibility of continuing the work Steve loved so much.

What is his legacy? I see it all around us: An incredible team that embodies his spirit of innovation and creativity. The greatest products on earth, beloved by customers and empowering hundreds of millions of people around the world. Soaring achievements in technology and architecture. Experiences of surprise and delight. A company that only he could have built. A company with an intense determination to change the world for the better.

And, of course, the joy he brought his loved ones.

He told me several times in his final years that he hoped to live long enough to see some of the milestones in his children’s lives. I was in his office over the summer with Laurene and their youngest daughter. Messages and drawings from his kids to their father are still there on Steve’s whiteboard.

If you never knew Steve, you probably work with someone who did or who was here when he led Apple. Please stop one of us today and ask what he was really like. Several of us have posted our personal remembrances on AppleWeb, and I encourage you to read them.
Thank you for honoring Steve by continuing the work he started, and for remembering both who he was and what he stood for.


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