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Apple and Apple products and service are the main theme of this blog. However, every so often, I plan on posting a side story to macs4newbies. Usually, the non Apple thread will relate more subjectively to my personal experience with this and other subjects rather than reflect an attempt at objectivity. I’ll try to keep these stories pertinent to the overall mission of an Apple centric site. I have a passion for covering topics for Macintosh Newbies and other beginners sitting on the fence. But sometimes, I’ll diverge a bit, even into the motivational themes covered by my long time friend and Internet mentor, Steve The Goulash Brother.

Me & The Goulash Brother

Me & The Goulash Brother

My Macintosh Journey – From Newbie To Newbie Guide!

If it’s Not Written Down, It’s Neither A Plan Nor A Goal.
My Goals For 2013 & Beyond.

Back When The Rebel Alliance Battled The Death Star.

I Can’t Use My Best Intel Lines Anymore.

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