Why Apple Is Losing Its Longterm Base

Is Tim Cook's Personal Political Agenda Hurting Apple?

Is Tim Cook’s Personal Political Agenda Hurting Apple?

Tim Cook’s Social Warfare has gone too far

I became a full fledged Apple Fanboy in the early 1980s and as a Fanboy, it’s tough to think Apple is losing its longterm base. The reasons are quite obvious to many of us who lived through the intensity of “The Platform Wars.” Once passion existed in Mac users around the world. There was passion for the company, its products and its legendary band of pirates led by the one and only Steve Jobs. There was a bit of truth in the old joke about the difference between Apple and the Boy Scouts – The Boy Scouts had adult supervision.

The Apple born in the mid ‘70s was the epitome of the Rebel Alliance. Fans of Apple wore T shirts, not the button down shirts embodied by “Big Iron” drones working for IBM, Data General or Digital. And Apple fans knew their computers were way better than anything running that junk coming out of the Evil Empire located up in Redmond. Apple never had the biggest market share, but it sure did have the best market share.

There was Woz, the Yoda-like designer who got so much with so much less. The Mac team was like a cadre of Jedi Warriors. Masters of elegance and simplicity. What you see is what you get. Leading them all was the Han Soloesque “fly by the seat of his pants” Steve Jobs. It’s fitting that his last major achievement was getting the new Apple Spaceship headquarters approved before his untimely death.

In the nearly six years since Jobs died, much had changed at Apple. The company enjoys unmatched financial success. It has become the most profitable company in business history. Yet, something just doesn’t feel right.

Steve Jobs celebrated the fact he was unwilling to play political games. There were no Apple lobbying efforts, no photo opps at various political gatherings. You see, Jobs was a Rock Star. Power came calling on him. It was not the other way around.

I think many Apple Fanboys, particularly those who are Baby Boomers, related to Jobs irreverent style that seemed to piss off the business establishment elites. After all, he was not Ivy League, nor was he a trained engineer. He was the ultimate college dropout, a true contrarian. Though a social liberal, he was the consummate capitalist.

Tim Cook is everything Steve Jobs was not. Sure, it’s reported frequently in the press and repeated by Cook and Apple’s P/R staff that Jobs told him not to think about what Jobs might do. I am pretty sure that Steve Jobs did not have in mind what Cook has done, if those comments are even true.

Tim Cook has completely politicized Apple. He has taken his personal issues public from the pulpit of the CEO’s position at Apple. That is definitely NOT something Steve would have ever done. Cook’s hypocrisy is easy to see. While he loudly criticizes the policies advocated by the president of the United States, he buckles to the political oppression of the Chinese government.

I have had enough of Tim Cook and the Apple he manages. If Cook wants to go political, he should resign his position as Apple CEO. Go run for governor of California or some other lofty position he may think he’s qualified to seek. As for me, I can no longer write enthusiastically about the company. I will continue to embrace the company’s products. After all, I could never switch to the Dark Side. But effective with this article, I am done with the Politics of Apple and Tim Cook

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