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Like many of you, I was once new to computers. In the late ’70s and early ’80s, things weren’t nearly as user friendly as they are today. The Command Line Interface was it. GUI was something sweet that you ate. WYSIWYG was the name of a Dickens character I think. And back then, it’s safe to say most folks buying personal computers were a bit on the geeky/nerdy side of life. They probably had a slide rule handing in a holser on their belt.

These days, an Apple ‘Newbie’ can be anyone at all. You, your parents or grandparents, even your children, sooner or later will encounter something in life that you are unfamiliar or have limited experience with in your day-to-day life. Since this Blog is about Macintosh, Apple and computer technology in general, I’ll keep the Apple Newbie focus on these matters important to beginners everywhere.

Young and old Apple Mac Newbies alike will find themselves making a decision about buying a computer or tablet. It’s a far more important matter than simply buying a potentially expensive device. If you’re an unprepared beginner, you may find yourself being sold something way beyond your needs, not to mention your budget. The fact that you find yourself reading this invitation to visit Macs4newbies is very fortunate indeed.

Computer newbies come in two general varieties: those who have previously owned a computer with limited success; and those considering acquiring an Apple computer for the very first time. Essentially, I’m going to treat both beginner types of Newbie the same way. “Why?” you might ask. Well, first of all, the previous computer owning newbie may have had an absolutely horrible initial experience. This is especially so if such a beginner was over sold, over promised and under delivered on his or her expectations. In such cases, I want you, as Yoda might advise “to unlearn that which you know.”

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Me & Steve

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