Apple Reports Q4 Earnings Tuesday

How big will Apple's Q1, 2016 be? If last year is any indication, sales of iPhone will be off the charts!

How big will Apple’s Q1, 2016 be? If last year is any indication, sales of iPhone will be off the charts!

Expect another record breaking quarter

Expect a number of reports on Apple over the next 24 hours as earnings season continues when Apple reports Q4 earnings Tuesday. Since this report also marks the end of Apple’s Fiscal Year, everyone tracking the iMaker expects a humongous Annual Result. How much Apple beats the expectations set by the Street pros will be reflected in after hours trading.

A big bit of information to look for during the quarterly conference call will be Apple’s guidance for the current quarter. Last year, Apple blew away everyone’s expectations with its record setting Christmas Quarter. Led by the sales of nearly 75 million iPhones, Apple reported the most profitable quarter in the history of business. That would be a tough act to follow for any company. However, anyone with a functioning brain is predicting that Apple will again crush the ball out of the park.

This year, Apple launched its latest iPhone models, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S+ in one very important additional market not included last year. That would be greater China. Already, Apple reported record breaking preorders for the new models on launch weekend. Even excluding sales in China, iPhone 6S and 6S+ preorders were significantly up from last year.

Expectations for the Christmas Quarter are running high. Analysts are calling for iPhones sales to report in a range from a low of 77 million units to as many as 85 million. Revenue is expected to also top Q1 2014. The pros are looking revenue to come in at nearly $79 Billion Dollars. Some of the other estimates are as high as $88 Billion Dollars. Regardless of the Wall Street guessing game, one thing is for sure. Apple will sell more of its tech goodies than ever before. And if history is any indicator, the Apple hating tech press will report Apple is doomed once again!

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