Apple Resources For Mac Newbies

Apple's MacBook - Black is Faster!

Apple’s MacBook – Black is Faster!

These are essential Apple links to important information regarding general products and services. This is a blog focused on the more specific needs of the Apple Mac Newbie. I will do my part to point you in the right direction when it comes to help with software and accessories. Stay tuned.

Visit the Apple Mothership!
Your Gateway to Apple’s Outstanding Website. Find New Products and Accessories for Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV. Search the Discussion Forums for answers to your technical questions. Check out the Tech Specs on both New and older Macs. Find all necessary updates, and older software for legacy Macintosh Computers!

Download AppleWorks for Free
This is THE “Must Have” Program for every Newbie user of a Legacy Macintosh Computer. Apple’s easy to use Productivity Suite will even run on Macs with MacOS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) installed via Rosetta!

AppleWorks Basics
This Tutorial covers all the basics necessary for even the newest Mac Newbie to get the most out of AppleWorks.

AppleWorks User Group
One of the best places for an Mac Newbie to go for answers specific to using AppleWorks!

Guy Kawasaki’s The Macintosh Way… Get Your Copy for FREE!
Anyone, especially a Mac Newbie, interested in the inside scoop on the development of the Apple Macintosh, MUST read this book. Discover what it was about The Mac that fired up the base then. Learn why Apple And Macintosh continue to provide fuel for “The Rest of Us” today. Thankfully, Guy has made his delicious take on the development of the Mac available for Free! Thanks Guy.

I’ve been following Ernie Veritimos for a number of years. My introduction to him and his excellent work was through his analysis reports on AAPL posted in Apple Investors in the Wilderness. Ernie provides solid insights in the stock market moves in general, and Apple in particular. This is extremely valuable, especially to Newbies investors. Visit Ernie’s new Website at Apple-Investors.

Roughly Drafted Magazine
This is one of my “Must Read” blogs. Daniel is one of the more effective Apple pundits at cutting through the noise as it relates to what’s going on inside Apple.

The “1984” Super Bowl Ad That Changed Everthing!
See the Television Commercial that introduced Macintosh to the World, and in the process, changed Super Bowl advertising forever!

Tips to help you get the best out of your iOS 6 devices! Brought to you by MacWorld.
Whether you have an iPhone, an iPad, an iPad Mini or an iPod Touch, There will be times when you need to go to a source for help. These are useful tips to enhance your mobile experiences.

Is Blogging In Your Future?
What are your Dreams and Aspirations? Do you need help settings goals and planning for your future? Are you interested in setting up your own Blog? See what Steve, the Goulash Brother, can offer to help.

Think and Grow Rich
This is the Granddaddy of ALL Self Improvement and Motivational Business Books. Originally published in 1937, it is available to you FREE as a download .pdf file. I strongly recommend you read it!

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