Apple, So Who is a Typical Newbie?

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I want to personally welcome you to There’s quite a bit of Apple information here. Help yourself to all the nuggets located in the monthly archives. Feel free to ask any questions that you may need help with related to Apple, Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, and computer technology in general. This site is committed to helping Apple Macintosh newbies with the concerns and interests you most important to you.

The pure Apple or PC Newbie coming here is like an empty canvas to fill, or pile of clay waiting to take shape. Often times, the Apple Newbie is a grandparent who retired to Florida or Arizona. It’s hard to keep in touch across hundreds, if not thousands of miles. In the past, visits with the kids were infrequent at best. Not any longer! Advanced technology has made the vast and formerly intimidating place called The Internet, suddenly accessible to everyone.

First came sending photos attached to emails. Next came personal audio messages attached as .MP3 files, cutting down those long distance phone bills. Live video calls, as demonstrated at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York, are now here. And they’re “Free” provided you have the right tools and a high-speed WiFi Internet connection.

Of course, it helps to have a computer with a built-in video camera. It just so happens that every Apple iMac since late 2005, and all Apple MacBooks since late 2006, come with a high quality video camera built into the top center of the display frame! The Jetsons have come to the 21st Century.

Easy to use Apple technology has made the miles separating families less troubling and easier to overcome. From Macintosh Desktop and laptop computers, to Apple’s tablets and smartphones, everyone can stay connected, as if they were just around the corner. And for all the Apple Mac Newbies out there in the wide and wild world of the web, nothing gets you up to speed better than using a Mac!


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