Apple TV 4 Pre Orders Begin Monday

The iMaker's first major update in nearly four years goes on sale Monday.

The iMaker’s first major update in nearly four years goes on sale Monday.

4th Generation Streaming device expected to sell out

Fans of Apple’s popular screaming device have been waiting since March of 2012 for the Apple TV 4 update. Well, the wait is over. Apple will begin accepting pre orders on Monday, October 26 for the Apple TV 4. Demand is expected to be so strong that many expect a first day sell out.

The initial launch is expected to include 80 countries. That’s a huge difference compared to iPhone’s initial availability in just twelve countries. Of course, there’s a world of difference between the two product types. Start with price. The full bust out retail price of an unlocked 16 GB base model iPhone 6S is $649. The base price of an unlocked 16 GB iPhone 6S+ is $749.

The new Apple TV is priced dramatically less than the iPhones. The 32 GB base model is prices at just $149. This model should be the first to report push pack on delivery dates. The $199 64 GB model may remain available for pre order an additional day or two before it also sells out. Rounding out The iMaker’s Apple TV lineup is the $69 Apple TV 3.

Though Apple TV 4 will launch in 80 countries, not all countries will benefit from the SIRI Remote features. As far as anyone can tell, the full features of the SIRI Remote will be initially available in just 8 markets. Those countries include Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, the UK and the U.S.

Apple TV should also show up on quite a few retail shelves before the peak Christmas Holiday Shopping Season. Best Buy, Target and Wal-Mart are expected to have the new device in stock early November. Expect Apple’s traditional online retail partners to offer the Apple TV 4 as well. There is one noteworthy exception. As has been widely reported, will not be selling any of the iMaker’s Apple TV models. Evidently, Mr. Bezos thinks this is a good business strategy. We’ll see how long this policy survives.

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