Author: JB

One More Reason Why I Love Apple

In two months, Apple Watch has taken all the oxygen out of the Smartwatch category and it didn't even arrive at Apple Retail until mid June.

Customer service is second to none particularly when a product fails I have been an unapologetic Apple Fanboy since the early 1980s and now there is one more reason why I love Apple. Apple has the most loyal installed customer…

Privacy Rights Forfeited On Cell Phones


Facebook, Twitter and other posts don’t enjoy 4th Amendment protection In a major ruling in the US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, the majority justices ruled certain privacy rights forfeited. The case revolved around the issue of location services. The…

Apple Q2 Decline Delivers Market Share


Macs, iPads and iPhones gains share and profits as PCs Android falter After the latest earnings season report on the iMaker’s performance, pundits celebrated the Apple Q2 decline while conveniently ignoring all the upside news that Apple reported. Even though…