Best Trade-in Deal at Best Buy on Original iPhones

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Our original iPhones are qualified Trade Bait at  Best Buy

Our original iPhones are qualified Trade Bait at
Best Buy

$100 Gift Card at Best Buy on Original iPhones

The trade-in deal at Best Buy on original iPhones is hard to beat. The information that leaked on Wednesday was confirmed yesterday. Best Buy will offer a $100 Gift Card on any smartphone so long as it powers up, shows no sign of water damage and has no cracks on the screen.

The program kicks off today for iPhone 5C. However, select Best Buy Mobile locations began offering the program yesterday. The offer for the iPhone 5S will run officially from October 13 through October 19.

Early reports on the Best Buy trade-in indicated that additional Gift Card value was possible in those cases where the smartphone included the original packaging and accessories. Newer models such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 should receive significantly higher value.

The real value deal turns out to be on older smartphones. Websites like Gazelle offer cash for old models of iPhones, Cell Phones, iPads, iPods, other tablets, MacBooks and desktop Macs. For example, Gazelle offers only $10 for an iPhone 3G in near flawless condition. At that price, you’re better off keeping it to use as a WiFi ‘iPod Touch.’ You could also gift it to a friend or family member. Since the iPhone is off contract, it can be used month to month.

But what about the original iPhone? Sites like Gazelle don’t even offer a price on that Golden Oldie. But Best Buy does! At $100, the owner of an original iPhone is not going to see a better offer anywhere else.

In fact, that deal is so compelling, I’m taking advantage of it myself! I have restored the two original iPhones I have to Factory Default. They have been in protective hard cases from the beginning. They also have screen protectors on the display glass. I even have the original packaging, though I’m keeping the two charging docks, plugs and USB cables.

The only residual value the two original iPhones retain is as a ‘loaner’ phone for a family member, or as an emergency phone if one of our iPhones were to be lost or stolen. The operating system topped out at iOS 3.1. So even as a backup, those iPhones have limited benefits. But then again, we also kept our two iPhone 3GS units, and we have a recently retire iPhone 4S units.

Getting a $100 per iPhone for these ‘museum’ pieces is a fleeting opportunity that may not come around again. I know a good deal when I see one. So, to Best Buy we go.

iPhone 5C Lineup. Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, White. Which colors to pick?

iPhone 5C Lineup. Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, White. Which colors to pick?

We will trade-in the original iPhones for the Blue iPhone 5C and the Green iPhone 5C. Then again, Yellow seems to be in high demand. I guess you could say we’ve kicked off The Christmas Christmas Shopping Season early. We have a number of younglings in the family, as well as a few ‘old timers’ still using ancient flip phones. Santa’s going to make two family members very happy this Christmas!

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