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These posts are a look back on my more personal journey on The Macintosh Way

Ridesharing Remains The Killer App

Travelers will soon be able to call an Uber or Lyft after arriving at LAX under a decision Thursday by Board of Airport Commissioners.

iPhone users everywhere are Driver Partners and Riders Earlier this week marked an interesting anniversary for me! Yes indeed. It was one one year ago this week that I threw off the shackles of indentured servitude otherwise know as a…

$10.5 Billion Gain? AAPL Is Dog Of Dow

A thousand songs in your picket changed everything about the music industry.

Will Wall Street EVER get Apple? The past week has seen so many negative reports on Apple’s ‘dismal’ quarter that each story must now start with “AAPL is Dog of Dow.” Since when did earning $10.5 Billion in a single…

Apple Doomed after earnings of $10.5B


After years of robust growth, Apple revenue declines 12% No one who follows Apple with any interest should be surprise that after reporting earnings of $10.5 Billion, pundits once again have dusted off the ‘Apple Doomed’ stories again. Did these…