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Here’s where you can find a collection of essays focused on what Newbies can look forward as they enter the world of Apple.

Apple Refurbs Are Great Deals!

The Computer that continues to change EVERYTHING!

The Certified Refurb Center at Are you on a budget and searching for a great deal on Macintosh computers? If so, I have a great destination for you to visit. Check out Apple Refurbs at the Certified Refurbished Center…

The iOS Family Of Products And Telephony


Is Telephony coming to the whole iOS family? The iOS Family of products from Apple have much in common. The interface “Look & Feel” is their common DNA. Under the hood, they’re all smaller siblings of their “Older Brother” –…

Google Glass: Vaporware Or Viable Product.


D11 and Wearables – Android vs. iOS D11 and the Google Glass Wearable was a hot topic last week. iOS should occupy quite a bit of bandwidth next week when Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference kicks off. The rumor mill…