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iPhone 14.5% Market Share = 94% Profit Share


Apple dominates smartphones where it counts The never ending unsolicited advice to slash prices in pursuit of market share at all costs that the tech pundits and analysts give Apple falls flat in the face of the iPhone 14.5% market…

Apple Makes A $14 Billion Acquisition

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty is bullish on Apple Watch. Predicts 36 million units sold in first year.

iMaker invests aggressively in AAPL! While other cash flow positive companies go out buying all sorts of businesses that don’t necessarily make a good fit, Apple makes a $14 Billion acquisition in itself! Apple certainly knows a good deal when…

Apple Reports Q4 Earnings Tuesday


Expect another record breaking quarter Expect a number of reports on Apple over the next 24 hours as earnings season continues when Apple reports Q4 earnings Tuesday. Since this report also marks the end of Apple’s Fiscal Year, everyone tracking…