Category: Off Topic Grab Bag

These posts are off topic and could be just about anything. Healthcare, Politics, The New York Yankees, or anything that strikes a chord on a given day.

Go See The Martian


Out of this world rescue adventure scores big We were sitting around waiting out the rain from Joaquin’s remnants, when Maria suggest we go see The Martian. There’s no better time to head to the cinema. The Martian turned out…

Uber Killer App Clobbers Taxis & Limos


The ride sharing app scores win after win The Uber Killer App continues its winning streak. A few weeks ago, the commission overseeing LAX announced it was authorizing Uber pickups and drop offs at the airport. LAX thus became the…

Now, Back To Macs4Newbies


Family Emergency behind quiet period Every now and again, I have missed a day or two of posting tidbits to macs4newbies. Unfortunately, a family emergency made finding the time to opine about the interesting happenings in the world of Apple…