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These posts are off topic and could be just about anything. Healthcare, Politics, The New York Yankees, or anything that strikes a chord on a given day.

The Spirit Of 1776 Is Under Assault


Jefferson and his fellow Founders would not recognize their experiment Recent events have filled many hearts with doubt as to whether the Spirit of 1776 can survive in this upside down world. The country’s two main founding documents, The Declaration…

Reflections On A Man


We celebrate again the life of David Padnes A little over two years ago, I wrote a few reflections on a man of many different interests and talents. My cousin Patty’s husband David had just lost his battle with that…

Apple Reinstates Civil War Games


iMaker backs away when game maker refuses to rewrite historic backdrop One day after pulling all games depicting the Stars and Bars, Apple reinstates Civil War games that depict the Confederate Battle Flag. A bit of sanity in an otherwise…