Category: Off Topic Grab Bag

These posts are off topic and could be just about anything. Healthcare, Politics, The New York Yankees, or anything that strikes a chord on a given day.

Has Everyone Lost Their Minds?

Soviet style revisionism aims to purge American history Is it just me asking has everyone lost their minds? What the heck is happening to people? Is minority tyranny the new cause to celebrate? Do leftists really believe they can purge…

Mans Best Friend Gets A Friend


Adding a gal pal for our Jack is a great addition Nine years ago, we added our Yorkie Jack to our family and today mans best friend has a friend of his own. We adopted a little 11 month old…

Wow, It’s Fathers Day!


It’s time to celebrate dads everywhere I’m pretty sure Bill Cosby summed up years ago why Fathers Day means so much to those of us blessed with children. In one of his classic routines, Cosby lamented on how dads get…