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Welcome Diversions to cheer the Heart & put a smile on your face!

From Garage to Greatness

Apple, The Lasting Legacy of Steve Jobs On the second anniversary of the passing of Steve Jobs, my book, Apple – From Garage to Greatness, was published in’s Kindle eBook Store. It is the first in a series of…

It Really Is All About The Journey.


And a Noble Journey it was. Weddings, New Babies, Christenings, 1st Communions, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Confirmations, More Weddings, More Babies, More Christenings – and Funerals. Today was one of those days we all dread. To many, Funerals bring dark…

iOS, iPhoto & A 90th Birthday Celebration

My 1st Serious Digital Camera

iOS Gadgets were made for moments like these. 90 years ago, the ability to take a photograph was not an easy thing to do. The cameras were big and bulky. Flash assemblies made the cameras difficult to steady. Flash bulbs…