Category: Tales from The Platform Wars

An entertaining look back on the early days of The Mac vs. PC Platform Wars

Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine


The Documentary by Alex Gibney – One half good, the other half hack job I decided to watch the Alex Gibney documentary, Steve Jobs the Man in the Machine, las evening. The first part was interesting in a familiar kind…

Apple Twists The Knife In Samsung

TSMC may have been awarded as much as 40% of the ARM A-9 orders.

TSMC set to be sole supplier of ARM A10 Things keeps going from bad to worse as Apple twists the knife in Samsung yet again. I can’t get over how “tone deaf” the management of the South Korean company seems…

Swatch CEO “Apple Watch Interesting Toy”


Macintosh was once called a “Cute Graphics Toy” According to the Swatch CEO, the Apple Watch is not much more than an interesting toy. I can’t help but think back to the early 1984 when just about everyone in the…