Category: Tales from The Platform Wars

An entertaining look back on the early days of The Mac vs. PC Platform Wars

AAPL Mauled By Chinese Bears

65 times since 1995, Tech Pundits have declared Apple is Doomed! Why should Apple Watch herald anything different?

$160 Billion in Market Value devoured in Stock Market slump Lots of folks are asking assorted questions as to why was AAPL mauled in the current stock market pullback. The obvious answer is, in a correction like this, just about…

The Apple Secret Weapon – Buying Power


Tim Cook begins to demand price cuts on key components It’s not enough that Apple keeps ringing Samsung’s bell in the consumer marketplace but now the South Korean company must deal with the Apple Secret Weapon. After years of being…

New Life For An Old MacBook


Nothing does it better than a new hard drive, keyboard and trackpad My brother-in-law did a few minor upgrades that resulted in new life for an old MacBook. I purchased the MacBook back in 2010 from a reseller I do…