Category: Tales from The Platform Wars

An entertaining look back on the early days of The Mac vs. PC Platform Wars

Apple And IBM Have Come A Long Way


Former long ago foes are big partners these days Those of us who have been around since the dawn of the personal computer industry remember a time when Apple and IBM were on opposite sides in the Platform Wars. The…

Arnold Is Back!


Terminator Genesys is a satisfying “finish” to the story James Cameron made him a star in 1984’s Terminator and Terminator Genisys proves Arnold is back! The former body builder turned actor, then governor and back to actor has demonstrated that…

WSJ Writer Is Clueless About Apple


It’s no wonder why Walt Mossberg left Over at the Wall Street Journal, some piece by a guy masquerading as the heir to Walt Mossberg that only succeeds in showing how this WSJ writer is clueless about Apple. If I…