From Garage to Greatness

An Apple Fanboy's Journey  On The Long & Winding Road  With Macintosh

An Apple Fanboy’s Journey
On The Long & Winding Road
With Macintosh

Apple, The Lasting Legacy of Steve Jobs

On the second anniversary of the passing of Steve Jobs, my book, Apple – From Garage to Greatness, was published in’s Kindle eBook Store. It is the first in a series of five books which chronicle the Amazing story of the Tech Industry’s Golden Apple.

Apple – From Garage to Greatness examines the legacy of Silicon Valley’s most famous ‘garage operation’ founder, Steve Jobs. Not just a history of Apple, the books interweave the experiences of an unapologetic Apple Fanboy’s journey into the world of Apple, Macintosh, iPod, iPhone and everything in between. The story of Apple is like a wild Roller-coaster. Ride along through the heady days of the late ’70s and Apple II into the early ’80s excitement and the original Macintosh. Experience the plunge into the dark days of the mid to late ’90s when ‘beleaguered’ was the favored way tech and investment writers described Apple.

These stories are filled with anecdotal observations, from the great Platform Wars between Apple and Microsoft, through Apple’s Phoenix-like rise from the brink of Bankruptcy to the very top of the business world. The books look at many of the key events which help tell the story of Apple’s rebirth, inspired by the second coming of Steve Jobs. Along the way, the reader will experience 37 years of The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and the ultimate triumph of Steve Jobs’ greatest success, Apple.

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