Go See The Martian

Matt Damon is outstanding in his role as "The Martian."

Matt Damon is outstanding in his role as “The Martian.”

Out of this world rescue adventure scores big

We were sitting around waiting out the rain from Joaquin’s remnants, when Maria suggest we go see The Martian. There’s no better time to head to the cinema. The Martian turned out to be a thrilling two hour and twenty minute adventure. I highly recommend you see it too, rain or shine.

The film is set quite some time in the not too far off future. The premise is pretty straight forward. A manned mission to Mars runs into a problem on its 19th day. A severe storm on the surface of the Red Planet forces NASA to abort the mission. As the astronauts are making their way to their surface ship, Matt Damon’s character, Mark Watney is struck by flying debris which disables his biometric sensors. Believing him to have been killed, the remaining crew members lift off from the surface, leaving Watney behind.

Not so fast there cowboy. Damon’s character is down but not out. After regaining consciousness, Watney makes it back to the surface habitat. Ridley Scott does a material job of condensing more than 500 days of being stranded on Mars neatly into the nearly two and a half hour film. The pacing is excellent and the story gripping. This is not “Castaway – The Space Movie.” Unlike the Tom Hanks film, this is a story about honor, dedication to duty, science and perseverance against great, but not impossible odds.

Because this was a Ridley Scott film, there were times when I thought in order to save Watney, another crew member was going to be sacrificed. However, that would have been too formulaic. And unlike Gravity, The Martian’s strength was in its storytelling. Where Gravity was like a good Chinese dinner, The Martian left Maria and me feeling fully satisfied. I think you will be too.

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