Macs 4 Newbies says “Hello world!”

Welcome to Macs4Newbies! As you might have guessed, Apple – and in particular Macintosh, is the focus of this Blog. I hope you become a regular participant.

Everyday, I will address topical questions most beginners and Newbies have, but often times are hesitant to ask. And why is that? Why are Newbies afraid to ask the questions they have on their mind? Could it be because they know a Mac or PC Power-user who comes with a condescending attitude? That’s probably so.

You see most computer power-users think everything they know is so ‘simple’ and ‘obvious.’ Naturally, they think everybody else should know it too. But in the real world, things are neither simple or obvious. The computer Newbie sees technology as something to be feared. Well, here at Macs for Newbies, I intend to strip away the layers of confusion that lead to fear and make the learning experience for newbies as easy as well, a Macintosh computer!

Not only will we peel away the layers of fear that often keeps the Newbie from a fuller computing experience, but we will do so thoughtfully, and with respect. You see, I was once a Newbie too. I know what it’s like to be looked down upon by the PC-DOS IT guys. I endured their taunts. “You use a Macintosh? Man, that’s not a real computer. It’s just a cute graphics toy.” They stopped saying that line when Windows 95 turned their ‘Real Computers’ into not so cute clones of a great graphics computer! And that’s just one of the reasons why I use a Mac.

When you come here with questions typical of beginners and Mac Newbies, you can be confident that you will get the answers you need. At Macs4newbies (and former PC Dummies) we keep it simple because simple works. Simple is easy to explain. And simple is even easier to understand when free of the needless complexity of those power-users on all sides of the computer world.

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  1. JB
    December 29, 2012 at 2:27 PM

    Thanks for visiting. I’ll be covering related topics every day for Newbies everywhere. Feel free to ask any Newbie focused Macintosh related questions. I respond with as thorough an answer as I can.

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