If it’s Not Written Down, It’s Neither A Plan Nor A Goal. My Goals For 2013 & Beyond.

Out With The Old! Welcome Baby New Year 2013!

Out With The Old! Welcome Baby New Year 2013!

It’s that time of the year again when people make assorted resolutions for the coming New Year. They all start out with good intentions. Lose a few pounds, stop smoking, stop drinking… That sort of stuff. All too often, they’re forgotten within days of the dawning of the New Year.

The common characteristic shared in all of these withered resolutions is an absence of a real commitment by the folks making them. We’re all guilty. At various times in our lives, we’ve come to the end of the year pledging to ourselves that next year is going to be THE year we stick to our resolutions. Sadly, 98% of us fall short within weeks of making these personal pledges.

Why is that? We’re reasonably intelligent people. Why don’t we stick to it? Why do we break these resolutions and fail to achieve our stated goals? Could it have something to do with failing to commit our goals and resolutions to writing? After all, if we can’t see them, it’s easier to forget or ignore them. Could it have something to do with the basics of human nature? Could it be that we pursue pleasure and avoid pain?

Setting goals to achieve our dreams takes a certain amount of work. And most of us will do one thing or another to avoid the responsibility and accountability of “extra” work. In a sense, avoiding work is, in a distorted kind of way, a pursuit of pleasure. And that is a big part of why most folks fall into the predictable pattern of putting off until tomorrow what ought to be done today.

On this New Year’s Eve, I have made my personal commitment to break with the past. I have decided to break out of my personal status quo and set clear goals for achieving my personal dreams. This is my “contract” with myself.

My immediate goal for 2013 is to firmly establish macs4newbies.com as a key resource for Macintosh Newbies everywhere. I intend to present content which will enhance the productivity of these new users of Macintosh computers and software. I intend to establish this blog as a highly regarded destination for those seeking answers for how to get the most out of their computer and Internet experience.

As part of my blogging efforts, I intend to show my visitors how they can both save and make money using effective search tools like Market Samurai. I will demonstrate how all these tools are “Newbie Friendly.” All can lead the computer Newbie to profitable opportunities.

A related goal in conjunction with the macs4newbies blog is to identify and produce steady sources for passive and active income generation. Affiliate marketing, relevant links, ebook publication and resourcing quality products and services are just a few of the income channels I intend to follow in pursuit of achieving my long-term goal of financial stability and independence.

A secondary goal for 2013 is to enhance the economic remuneration of my “day” job. I intend to pursue a compensation baseline which will further stabilize my ability to meet my short-term obligations. Eventually, it is my goal to restructure my relationship with the company in a more “consultative” role. By the end of 2015, I expect my compensation from my “Day Job” to be non-essential for supporting me and my family.

Within three years, I plan to reach my goal of producing a minimum of $50,000 annually from monetizing my Internet efforts. The sales of eBooks, handmade crafts through mypaperroses.com, commissions through Affiliate relationships and ad banners are the primary means by which I plan to achieve this goal. In partnership with The Goulash Brother, these short-term goals will be achievable.

By December of 2015, my goal is to acquire a new home for my wife and me. In order to achieve this goal, the income stream produced from these Internet efforts must reach a level between $6,000 – $8,000 Net per month by that time. The new home will NOT be anywhere near a river, lake or other body of water capable of flooding my basement or garage!

My long-term goal five years out is to achieve Freedom from a traditional “Brick & Mortar” working experience. By December of 2017, I will have celebrated the 28th Anniversary of my 35th Birthday. My goal is to achieve a steady minimum passive income ranging between $12,000 – $15,000 per month. In order to achieve this, I plan to continue to expand the Internet marketing and sales efforts necessary.

Finally, I have a Life Goal to improve my general health and well-being. This will be achieved through conscientious attention to good nutrition, exercise, and maintaining independence from stress and other mainstream influences that can distract me from my goals of Financial and Social Freedom.

Joseph R. Benevides

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