iPhone Case Was NEVER About Terrorism

The solution to unlocking future iPhones is a fingerprint away.

The solution to unlocking future iPhones is a fingerprint away.

Apple wins as FBI Withdraws from legal case

Today’s announcement by the FBI that an unidentified source helped the Feds open the San Bernadino iPhone is a pretty clear sign that the iPhone case was never about terrorism. Huge kudos to Tim Cook for holding firm against the government phony attempt to force Apple to capitulate to the government’s demands. The big winners in this three ring circus are the millions of iPhone users around the world.

Matters turned against the government’s case last week. Anticipating a key loss in an upcoming hearing, the FBI asked the court to delay a scheduled court appearance. The government surprised most observers when it advised the court that an unidentified third party might have developed a method to unlock the phone. The cynical among us believe the FBI already had this source break into the iPhone. The speed with which the government backed off on the eve of he hearing gives credence to this theory.

If there was any doubt about the government’s real desire, this announcement settled those doubts completely. If the Feds believed they has a strong case, they would not have backed down. This “hack” announcement seems like nothing more than a face saving exit strategy by the FBI.

This development gives Apple a clear pathway moving forward. It seems obvious that all Apple needs to do is embed a specific individual’s (or group of individuals) fingerprints into the secure enclave of future ARM CPUs. A special six digit code could be embedded into the enclave for those iPhones that don’t support fingerprint ID.

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