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Apple TV 3 is just $75 in the Certified Refurb

Apple TV 3 is just $75 in the Certified Refurb

apple.com Refurbs can deliver savings over 30%

If you’re looking to make a deal on a great Apple product, look no further than apple.com Refurbs. Not only will you save a huge pile of dough, but you’ll have the best warranty coverage in the business. Apple even offers it full AppleCare Protection on Refurbs from apple.com.

It’s very common to see a rush of Apple’s Macintosh Computers, Tablets, iPods and accessories make an appearance in the refurbished Department ahead of new product introduction. And so it is in the lead up to Apple’s October 22 event. Let’s say you’ve been looking to pickup a new Mac. Your priority is saving money on a hot Apple product. And it just so happens that you’re not overly concerned about whether it’s brand spanking new, or an ‘Open Box’ or store demo model.

Showing up in various configurations are iMacs, MacBook Pros, Mac Pros and Mac Minis. Discounts are as much as 31% off the original prices. You can also find great deals on Apple’s iPads. The 16 GB iPad 2 with 3G is available at 34% off the regular price. One of my favorite impulse purchase items, the AppleTV, is routinely available for $75, a 25% savings. Apple’s AirPort Extreme Base Station, regularly $179, can be purchased for just $99. That’s a huge 44% savings.

With Christmas just around the corner, give strong consideration to picking upa few iPods for the younglings in your life. iPod Nano can be frequently found at $99, that’s $50 off the regular price. iPod touch models are very attractive upgraded to the Nano. Though the discounts are not as steep, 16-20% off is still a pretty good deal.

The discounts on the MacBook line of computers average between 15-24%. iMacs come in between 15-24%. Serious money can be saved if you’re in the market for a Mac Pro. However, keep in mind that the deals get even bigger AFTER Apple updates its product groups.

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