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Newbies, it’s time to sharpen your digital pencils!

The world of Information Marketing is moving at “Light Speed.” If you’re not paying attention, you might miss the iTrain. Don’t worry though, another express will be pulling into your personal station in a nano-second.

You can come to every day for tips and guidelines for setting up your own blog. In fact, i’ll be creating a page that will direct you to my Internet Guru, Steve Mihaly. Steve has designed a program to help get you started. Written for those just starting out, you know, Newbies, The Blog Setup Center will take you step by step along the beginning chapter of your iJourney.

All you need to begin is a passion for something – anything goes. Of course, you’ll need a computer. Though blogging is a Multi-platform friendly environment, Apple MacOS and iOS are my digital composition preferences. However, WordPress doesn’t care what kind of computer you compose your content on these days.

Login and join the Blogosphere!

Login and join the Blogosphere!

Newbies can blog as well as anyone else. You just need a spark, an incentive to get you to the internet. In my case, it is a passion for Apple and all it’s cool products. For you, it might be golf, fishing, or dog training. Whatever it is, be passionate about it. Someone, actually lots of someones, are searching for information in your area of expertise.

Steve is the right kind of guide for Newbies. He lays it right on the line. There are no shortcuts to establishing a successful blog. You must make a personal commitment to publish quality content with regular frequency. In my case, I get lots of ideas from the daily business community’s obsession with Apple.

Your passion may not produce “Headline grabbing news flashes” on a daily basis. And that’s fine too. Just remember this. If you want to be taken seriously, you must be prepared to be productive. At the very least, you need to publish quality content three or four times a week.

Once you get started, Steve will guide you on what tools you will benefit from as you fine tune your blog. Market Samurai will help you focus on keywords for your audience. AWeber will help you manage your followers. Social media like Facebook and Twitter also have value in this 21st Century Digital Age. And he’ll point you in the right direction when it comes to following other bloggers.

So dive right in and, as The Beach Boys say, “Catch a Wave” to the Internet Surf Party. The iWater temperature is fine. Welcome to Newbie Blogland!

Wordpress is the way.

WordPress is the way.

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