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Family Emergency behind quiet period

Every now and again, I have missed a day or two of posting tidbits to macs4newbies. Unfortunately, a family emergency made finding the time to opine about the interesting happenings in the world of Apple difficult. The good news is the worst of the situation is over – for the time being.

My younger brother suffers from a serious case of Type 2 Diabetes. He was diagnosed ten years ago. A little more than five years ago, his doctor determine that the oral medications were not sufficiently addressing his needs. He was switched to direct insulin injections.

Managing one’s diet sufficiently well is essential to living a more “normalized” life with Type 2 Diabetes. Patients can’t simply take a shot of insulin and continue eating the things in the quantity that put them in their condition in the first place. Disciplined moderation is the key to living healthier with this disease.

Discipline is not one of my brother’s stronger characteristics. I will spare you the dietary details. Suffice it to say, continuing to eat the things that put him in his current health crisis has cost him his large toe on one foot and a sizable part of the anterior foot bone on the left foot. The extent of his recovery will depend on whether he can make the necessary lifestyle changes.

I found it difficult to find enough time during the day to do justice to the postings. I am not the type of person to simply bang something out just for the sake of making a daily post. Now that things have settle down a bit, it’s time to step back into the batter’s box.

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