Fanfare For A Progressive Rock Giant

Keith Emerson, arguably Progressive Rock's greatest Keyboardist, died at 71.

Keith Emerson, arguably Progressive Rock’s greatest Keyboardist, died at 71.

Keith Emerson’s show has ended

I’ll never forget my introduction to Progressive Rock the very first time I heard Emerson, Lake and Palmer. My brother-in-law David was then, and remains today, the most serious audiophile I have ever known. He invested serious cash into two passions: his cars and his audio equipment. The car was his Corvette. The pair of Ohm Acoustics “F” Loudspeakers were powered by a Phase Linear 700b Amp. He spun vinyl on a direct drive turntable, probably a Technics, though I’m not sure.

Dave was into Progressive Rock long before anyone else. ELP was at the top of his list. To this day, ELP’s cover of “Fanfare for the Common Man” is his ringtone on my iPhone.

Dave took me to see ELP at Madison Square Garden in the early ’70s. I was blown away by the amazing energy of the show. I had never seen a drummer like Carl Palmer.

Late last week, news broke that Keith Emerson has passed away at 71. Like the old song suggested, “If there is a Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven, I bet they have a hell of a band!”

Rest in Peace.

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