Ridesharing Remains The Killer App

Uber has captured the public mindshare and dominates the Ridesharing market.

Uber has captured the public mindshare and dominates the Ridesharing market.

iPhone users everywhere are Driver Partners and Riders

Earlier this week marked an interesting anniversary for me! Yes indeed. It was one one year ago this week that I threw off the shackles of indentured servitude otherwise know as a job. I prefer to call it my liberation day. On that day I was set free from what I fondly like to refer to as the bad “Bs” of business.

I no longer have to endure bureaucrats, beancounters, bimbos, boneheads, bozos, bad bosses, or B.S.

I don’t have to worry anything beyond my span of control. I couldn’t care less about any of that. Most important, I no longer have to toil away at wages far below what my talents and skill set deserve. I hope any of you who find themselves in similar circumstances, makes the decision to take that liberating step that sets you on your path to your own edition of the American Dream.

Who among us doesn’t want to own their own business? Ridesharing represents that opportunity. And now that mayors and other politicians in cities throughout the country have buckled in their game of chicken with Uber, there is no longer anything holding you back from becoming a ridesharing partner.

Take control of your working life while you still can. Follow this link and find out how easy it is to start your own business with minimal investment beyond an asset you already own: a vehicle with four doors, five seatbelts, and currently no older than a 2006 model year.

I want to thank those responsible for leading me to ridesharing. Had they not said “Adios Jose,” I might not have grabbed this opportunity. It’s funny how things work out. One door closes, and another opens. Carpe diem!

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