Swatch CEO “Apple Watch Interesting Toy”

Talk about the Jackass calling the Rabbit "Big Ears." The original Swatch epitomized "cute toy watches."

Talk about the Jackass calling the Rabbit “Big Ears.” The original Swatch epitomized “cute toy watches.”

Macintosh was once called a “Cute Graphics Toy”

According to the Swatch CEO, the Apple Watch is not much more than an interesting toy. I can’t help but think back to the early 1984 when just about everyone in the PC centric world dismissed Macintosh as nothing more than a “Cute Graphics Toy.” Certainly no legitimate computer user would ever consider doing real computer work on one of those new Apple computers.

It’s funny how the more things change, the more they stay the same. The interesting thing about today’s comments is that it comes from the head of the Swiss Watch company that fancied itself as making their early watches fun and toy like. I wonder if Nick Hayek paused at all to contemplate the irony of his flip comment on Apple Watch.

Back during my career in hearing healthcare, we organized a continuing education program for our key clients to Switzerland and Germany in the fall of 1983. A number of U.S. Took a side trip to Lucerne. While there, a number of us purchased fine watches. The Ebel Classic Sportswave was particularly sought after.

Colorful and inexpensive, the original Swatch watches became ideal impulse purchase gift items.

Colorful and inexpensive, the original Swatch watches became ideal impulse purchase gift items.

At the time, the U.S. Dollar was enjoying an extended period of strength in relationship to most European currencies, especially the Swiss Franc. Those of us buying gifts to bring back home zeroed in on an exciting new company shaking up the old handcrafted Swiss Watch industry. That company was Swatch,

I remember buying a dozen of those cute toy-like watches to bring home as gifts for family members. They were colorful in ways that technology wouldn’t see again until Apple introduced the “Yum” factor in its colorful iMacs. The sense of excitement about Swatch and it’s attractive, affordably priced “Swiss Made” watches got everyone’s attention.

Hayek clearly misses the point about Apple Watch. Of course the thing needs to be recharged daily. There is no secret there. Hayek must think all Apple Watch has to do is keep accurate time.

I’m curious as to how Hayek defines smart watch. I’ll be even more interested in seeing what kind of features and apps will be available in the smart swatch. If the CEO’s comments about Apple Watch are an indication, I don’t think the Smart Swatch will be very smart at all.

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