The Blues Have The Blues

Lucille will play no more.

Lucille will play no more.

Legendary Bluesman B.B. King has passed

The Blues have the Blues these days. Weeks ago, news broke that the health of Blues guitar player B.B. King had taken a turn for the worse. On Thursday, the man Rolling Stone ranked as the number 6 greatest guitar player of all time, passed away at age 89 in Las Vegas. His guitar Lucille wept not so gently.

His influence was widespread. Guitarists john Lennon, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards and too many other to count readily cite B.B. King as the driving influence in their own playing style. He truly was the King of The Blues.

King suffered from Type II Diabetes for years. It was complications from the disease that led to his most recent health problems. He had been under hospice care the past two weeks. There would be no encore for The King this time. The Thrill is Gone…

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