The Republic Is Under Assault

Government officials are becoming more Orwellian by the day. These are pretty scary times.

Government officials are becoming more Orwellian by the day. These are pretty scary times.

The political class is betraying We The People

Events over the past few years have left me feeling very troubled because our Republic is under assault. Has the federal government crossed the line? Is our once great country over as founded? Have “We The People” been subjugated? Are we now “Subjects” to be lorded over? Are we serfs living in the reign of Barrack The 1st? Should we be scared? Your darn right we should be scared.

We are in the midst of lawlessness. We see it in the streets and in the halls of government. Anarchists are fueling outrageous racial hatred. Our police officers across the country are being stalked and assassinated. Our president seems to purposely light the matches that incite the fires of hatred.

Some in the circles of power may say this is all a bit paranoid. Well, I’m a “Baby Boomer.” As a Child of the 60s, I remember the turbulence of those times. And like the saying goes, “Just because we’re paranoid, doesn’t mean the government’s not out to get us.”

I lived through the Race Riots in Newark during the summer of 1967. Every night, we worried about the safety of family and friends who worked in Law Enforcement and Fire Safety. After my stepfather’s partner was killed, the kids were whisked out of harms way and taken down the Jersey Shore after the 3rd night.

My stepdad Paul and his older brother Pete were Newark Detectives back then. When the violence broke out, they were called in to uniformed duty. Here’s how Tom Hayden recorded the event in his book “Rebellion in Newark’, 1967

“FRED TOTO, Died 7/14/67 at 7:30 p.m., at the corner of Broome and Mercer Streets, from a .22 caliber bullet wound to the chest. A thirty-three year old white police detective, Toto was on duty for twenty-four continuous hours, rested briefly and then went back to work Friday afternoon. Patrolman Paul Buttros was standing next to Toto when, according to Buttros, ‘we heard some shots from an apartment house across the street. We all ducked low but Fred stood up. I heard a shot, got some flying glass in my face and when I turned around, Fred was down.”

After that “Law & Order” was on everyone’s mind. The assassinations of Martin Luther King jr and Bobby Kennedy in 1968 forever stamped the 60s as perhaps the worst of times during the 20th Century. The 1968 election of Richard Nixon was the culmination of those turbulent times.

Nixon’s own paranoia would lead to his downfall in 1974. But no matter how hard those on the Political Left try, they can’t avoid the Nixonian comparisons with the current president and his corrupt 1st term Secretary of State, Crooked Hillary Clinton. Everything Nixon did, and even the things he tried to do but didn’t, pale in comparison to the lawlessness of what is going on now.

When the law is willfully disregarded by those in power, it ceases being the bedrock foundation of civil society. When those in power refuse to protect the citizenry, all hell breaks out. It’s that hell which awaits us as the national political conventions approach.

There’ll be fighting in the streets…

Dylan really was right.

The times, they are a changin’

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