Uber Killer App Clobbers Taxis & Limos

Uber Drivers have discovered the freedom that comes with being the owner of your own business.

Uber Drivers have discovered the freedom that comes with being the owner of your own business.

The ride sharing app scores win after win

The Uber Killer App continues its winning streak. A few weeks ago, the commission overseeing LAX announced it was authorizing Uber pickups and drop offs at the airport. LAX thus became the largest U.S. airport to fully welcome Uber.

Next was the big black eye Bill De Blasio, New York’s Mayor received at the hands of Uber and its ride sharing proponents, including Governor Mario Cuomo. There will be no curbing of growth among ride sharing driver partners. Of course De Blasio stated he could bring the cap to the table in the future. However, such a move might prove to be politically unwise.

The Black Car industry finds itself in a game it doesn’t know how to play. The name of that game is Competition. Suddenly, limo companies have to compete for passengers not against other limo services, but individual driver partners. These driver partners take pride in ownership of their vehicles, respond way faster and provide a far more affordable alternative to the high prices typical of Black Car services.

More recently, the Black Car services are in competition for qualified drivers themselves. The try to infer there is security working for them when compared to Uber. That’s just hogwash. Some folks, particularly dispatchers in these companies, think because there are now fewer drivers, somehow that translates to job security. That’s laughable.

There is no security in a business that’s dead and hasn’t had the good sense to fall over. The only “security” in life is that which you provide for yourself and your family. It is no longer something to count on any employer to provide.

Men and women across the country and around the world with a qualifying asset need to take the bull by the horns and ride themselves to a more prosperous future. There are no guarantees in anything in life. Some will make a lot of money others will not. Some embrace their opportunities with enthusiasm while others look for shortcuts. There are no shortcuts to success. It takes dedication, commitment and hard work.

Employers will promise you anything. Overtime, freedom to do trips, and the empty promise of promotions and titles. In the end, after they get what they want, they forget their end of the bargain. The overtime disappears and the only time those security conscious dispatchers do rides is when there’s no other drivers to do them.

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